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Presenting / Corporate:

Presenter, Regular presenter for Please Take Me There - Charity

Presenter, Regular presenter for Video News Factory

Presenter, LearnLight, BlueJuice Productions

Presenter, E-Series for PINZO, T4 Media

Presenter, Walgreens Product video, Pink Squid

Presenter, Property TV, SKY

Presenter, British Red Cross Internal Training Video, Nutmeg Productions

Presenter, Regular Show Host, Psychics Live TV

Presenter, Caterlabel Promo Videos, Bunzl Catering

Presenter, Regular Show Host, Psychic Today, CellCast

Presenter, Corporate video, Lessons Learned

Presenter, Eat Cake Media, Corporate Videos

Presenter, Barclays Personal Banker, Content is King

Presenter, News Video, Myriad Global Media

Presenter, Video News Factory, Corporate Videos

Presenter, Molithium Mobile, Onerion

Host Presenter, ‘The Makeunder’ Entertainment Pilot

Presenter, Agents R Us, Promo Video

Demonstrator / Model, Colapz Products, Fat Free Media

Demonstrator, Product Videos, JD Harris

Presenter, Blue Rock Fox Productions, Corporate Videos

Presenter, Interview Gold

Presenter, Video Expression, Prism Brain Mapping Videos

Presenter, Rohmir Show, Sheepish Productions

Presenter, VLOG’s Relationships Defined

Presenter, ‘Generation YouTube’ Documentary, My Paradox

Presenter, ‘Harry Cash’, Documentary, My Paradox

Presenter, Social Media Video, SOCIAL IN A DAY


Presenter, GEMs TV Extra, SKY


Voice over:

VO, Morrisons Utility, DragonFly Productions

VO, SIGTTO, DragonFly Productions

VO, Various, Vidleos

Mum, Irwin Mitchell, Online Ad, Instinctif Parters

Solicitor, Irwin Mitchell, Online Ad, Instinctif Partners

VO, Norwich House Share, Trett Films

VO, Tioma, Online Advert, Andy Pearson

Radio Presenter, Video for the Home Office, Stuart Creasey

Jessica, ‘Golden Spoon’, HENs Theatre Company,

Instructional DVD for wallpaper, Creative Plus, Beth Johnson

Instructional DVD for Beaded decorations, Creative Plus, Beth Johnson

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